The Complete Blind Solution

Blind cleaning, it’s a problem isn’t it?
Your vertical blinds are dirty & broken, & it’s going to cost a fortune to replace them. You could have them cleaned off site, but this can be expensive & disruptive as your staff wont be able to work properly in the glare of the sun. What if you don’t have them cleaned, well you run the risk of illness & allergies in the office because of the germs & pollutants that gather on the blinds.

So what do you do?
Well some people turn a blind eye & hope the problem will go away, but can you take the risk? In the current claim culture you cannot afford to knowingly put your employees/customers health at risk.

At Verti king we have seen a big increase in the number of companies who are using our service for health & safety rather than cosmetic reasons. Health & safety guidelines strongly recommend a regular cleaning program for all soft furnishings. Vertical blinds attract
Pollutants such as benzene & allergy triggers like dust mites, pollen & dead skin.

Verti king offer a nationwide service to both the commercial & health sectors, using a unique system our fully trained staff will wash & disinfect your vertical blinds without removing them from the window. The blinds are enclosed in a polythene sleeve & a warm water solution is used to wash away the dirt & germs from the blinds, this remains in the system & is not re-circulated in to the air. This not only leaves you with clean blinds but also a healthy environment for your staff or customers. Once the blinds are clean we will repair broken chains & replace missing weights etc.

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